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Dr. Jess' Mind Care Center

Expert Witness Legal Psychologist

Dr. Jessica Rowe, PsyD, is a Mental Health Expert Witness, expert witness legal psychologist, litigation consultant, and is in private practice in Folsom, California. Her practice is also known as Dr. Jess' Mind Care Center. She helps attorneys throughout California with trial and deposition testimony preparation, trial participation, an expert witness, and as a consultant.

She also conducts mental health treatment with attorneys' clients who need help with emotional
distress and mental health injury.

She conducts psychological examinations and forensic evaluations for employment and personal
injury attorneys in CA. Dr. Rowe has worked on several litigation cases involving:
chronic pain,
sexual harassment,
whistleblower cases,
the ADA,
concerning FMLA,
regarding FEHA,
concerning CFRA
constructive termination,
workplace discrimination,
age discrimination,
wage issues,
labor relations,
workers’ rights,
the EEOC,
hostile work environments,
unlawful employer behavior,
and racial discrimination and harassment.

Further, Dr. Rowe conducts mental treatment with workers compensation patients who have
endured a psychiatric injury at work.

She has treated sex offenders within state prisons and with many government entities, and she has
worked with patients in a medical setting (hospitals, clinics, etc.).

Dr. Rowe has worked on several litigation cases involving various issues for quite some time. She
has prime experience working with several attorneys.

Common attorney questions:

What is an expert witness/litigation consultant? An individual with unparalleled experience in a particular
specialty or industry.

What does an expert and litigation consultant do?  In litigation matters there are usually complicated
specialized concepts, and an expert can often clarify and illuminate the important details and help an
attorney produce and present a concise case, which might otherwise be too complex for a prospective

Why contact an expert witness/litigation consultant? It is a good idea to call an expert witness to serve as
a pre-case consultant; an expert with experience and scientific knowledge in the industry, who is also
experienced testifying as an expert in trial. The expert will be able to notify the attorney whether the case
warrants proceeding or not.

Dr. Rowe is available for a free telephone consultation to discuss the components of your case as well as
rates and fees. Please call 916-413-3025 for a confidential discussion about how an expert witness could
help you.

Expert Witness Legal Psychologist: Welcome
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